Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Integrity & Objectivity

This are 2 important items that is learnt during the completion of the ethics module of ACCA, which is a must for the students for doing OBU RAP project. It seems that one must be reminded the importance of complying with this within the context of ACCA RAP project for OBU

1. Students that asked their project to be completed by another for a fee and later submit the project as theirs - you have breached the integrity code and could be dismissed from the Association for cheating - is this a risk worth taking

2. Completing the OBU Research project is aimed at giving the ACCA student exposure to research techniques which is not taught at ACCA, giving you the feel for University knowledge. Allowing yourself to only focus on the qualification and not on the learning process implies that you lack objectivity.

3. Asking your mentor to complete the project for you for a fee in addition to the normal fee can be considered unprofessional and acting against public interest, please ensure that you are not committing such an act.

4. You are required to observe the fundamental principles of ethics that is studied during your audit and P1 paper at all times, this is what makes you a professional, not the qualification - your self-image and consciousness.

This notice for all students that are thinking of doing your OBU research project - remember, it is not about the paper, rather the process of getting the paper.

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